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Admission Policy


As an educational institution we take considerable pride in our school and in the conduct of our learners. Good discipline, proper focus on academic work and the right values in life are what we regard as the number one priority.  We know that most parents agree on this.  It is our goal to achieve the best for every child and to ensure that he / she attains his / her full potential. In this regard we desire to develop every child holistically and provide an environment in which he / she feels respected, comfortable and secure.

Discipline is a major personality trait of all great achievers, who have rigorous planning of short-term goals and long-term goals and lead a disciplined lifestyle. A disciplined person is always respected and revered by all and sundry. It is discipline only which makes one regular and punctual.

Bellville Technical High School encourages the optimal psychological, emotional, social and intellectual development of learners and their families in our community.  We strive to help individuals achieve their potential by assisting them to overcome personal, emotional, psychological, behavioural, academic, family and relationship difficulties.

The Educational Psychologist and the Counselors provide confidential and individual counselling and brief therapy to learners and staff where necessary.

George Washington once said:  “Nothing can be more hurtful to the service, than the neglect of discipline; for that discipline, more than numbers, gives one army the superiority over another.”

Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians (Schools Act 1996)

to ensure that their child attends school to discipline their child to support the school to sustain a culture of respect and tolerance to monitor their child’s academic progress to ensure that their child does homework to stay in contact with the staff to react on notices from the school to ensure the safety of their child to protect learners from danger to lead the learner to adulthood in a responsible way to set an example.

Responsibilities of Learners

  • to do homework regularly and complete tasks
  • to pass their grades
  • to know and adhere to the school rules
  • to respect authority
  • to show respect to the staff and fellow pupils
  • to obey orders
  • to hand work in on time


The Code of Conduct has been compiled to ensure that the Governing Body of the school complies with Section 8 of the South African Schools’ Act.  The aim of the Code is to establish and maintain an ordered, disciplined and purposeful environment to facilitate effective education and learning in the school.

The Code is subject to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, the Schools Act, 1996, and Provincial Legislation.  It reflects the constitutional democracy, human rights and transparent communication that should underpin South African society.

It has been drawn up in accordance with the Government Gazette of 15 May 1998 entitled “Guidelines for a Code of Conduct for Learners”.

This Code of Conduct is based on:

  • morality
  • dignity
  • decency
  • good manners
  • self-discipline
  • consideration of others
  • individual’s rights
  • mutual respect
  • responsibility
  • diligence,
  • good discipline
  • effective teaching and learning

This in turn will provide every learner with the opportunity to reach their full academic, occupational, spiritual, sporting and cultural potential.