Welcome to Bellville Technical High School’s website. As HATTIES, our vision is to deliver relevant education for the 21st century. BTHS has delivered exceptional results since 1972 and is the Alma Mater of thousands of engineers producing solutions to the problems of our country on all levels.

We offer various sport codes as well as cultural activities. Learners are encouraged to participate in these activities as it is our belief that an involved learner is also a happy and balanced learner.

Educators strive towards a 100% pass rate across all grades and believe this goal is attainable, despite the challenges educators and learners face in the current educational milieu. We welcome you to join us.

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Michael G Koopman



A bit of history from the1972 Yearbook:

The first sketches of the school building, drawn up by the architect, were done in 1966.

The Cape Department of Education took over the planning of professional / vocational schools and invited tenders to build the school when the authority of these schools was handed over to the Provincial Administration.

On the 16th of July 1970, the Paramount Construction Company (Ltd) started erecting the school building.

The vacancies of principal and vice-principal were advertised in the Government Gazette. These posts were of the first promotional posts that were handled by a Departmental Advisory Committee.

Mr. MJ Du Plessis, principal of the Technical High School in Upington, was nominated as the first principal of the school. Although he initially accepted the post as principal, upon the insistence of several institutions, he accepted the post as an Inspector of Education in the Department of National Education. Mr. JHN Smit, the vice- principal of the Technical High School Oude Molen, accepted the post as principal on the 15th of July 1971.

On the 13th of October 1971at 08H00, Mr. Smith, Mr. De Swardt, and the secretary, W Benade, accepted employment at the school. They had tea at 11H00 with Mr. Lindtvelt, (Inspector of Education), Mr. R Oliphant, Mr. P Wilmans, Mr P Stander (Inspectors of Subject Training) and Mrs. A Smit on a sablering in the wood storeroom without any other furniture

Later that morning, the first interview was held with Mr and Mrs J De Villiers for the admission of their son to the school. The school borrowed a few desks and a few chairs from the Oude Molen Technical High School. It rained that evening and due to a  down-pipe, not being fitted correctly, the office was under water and all the new files and precious furniture were wet. Misery and distress followed.

The first furniture was delivered on the 21th of October 1971. Books can be written about the hardships and tribulations the school had to endure at the time. The office was part of the central storeroom and was directly in the path of the powerful Cape Southeaster. The door had to be kept open because the workers were still busy and sometimes had to remove sand from the office with a spade.

The first implements and tools were delivered on the 8th of November 1971. The first telephone was connected on the 9th of November 1971. The first phonecall was made to Mrs. A Smit to inform her that their private phone was no longer needed as the official phone of the school. Mr. JJ Marais, later affiliated to the school, had the honour of answering the first incoming phone call.vOn the 29th of November 1971, the lack of space forced the threesome to move to the general storeroom.

The first staff meeting was held on the 19th of January 1971. 77 Learners started on the 20th of January 1972. Pastor AD Raats delivered the first scripture reading and prayer – it was an unforgettable experience.

The first rugby practice was held in dust and mud. There was no grass to soften the blows. We were excited when we got our own desks after we had to do without desks for months. The day arrived when the first learners started wearing the school blazer. It was exciting to witness the arrival of new equipment. The first part of the Basic Training examinations took place on the 26th of April 1972.

After being dependent on other people for months, the school’s electricity was connected on the 24th of April 1972. On the 29th of August 1972 the school was made aware of a circular saw and cyclone in the woodwork department when it was being used for the first time. On 5 September the roads were tarred. It was exciting because the school had waited for seven months for that to happen.


1971 – 1986      JHN Smit

1987 – 1992      CW de Jager

1993 – 2013      L Roelofse


4 March 1971                Posts of the principal and vice-principal are advertised.

27 March 1971              Tenders are invited to erect the school building.

15 July 1971                   Mr. JHN Smit is appointed as principal and HJB De Swardt and vice-principal

3 August 1971               The Department of Education approves the foundation/ institution of the school.

15 September 1971       Mrs. W Benade is appointed as typist.

13 October 1971            Mr. Smit (principal) and Mr De Swardt (vice-principal) set foot on the school grounds/ entered the school and borrowed an office from the builder.

16 November 1971        The first advisory committee meeting was held in the mayor’s office because the school building was not erected yet.

1 January 1972              Foundation

Wouter de Villiers is the first learner to be enrolled at the school.

18 January 1972            The first hall meeting is held in the motor mechanical workshop.

77 learners and 13 educators

13 October 1972            Official opening of the school

20 October 1972            Take possession of classrooms / moved into classrooms

1975                                 Deon Badenhorst and Daniel Botes are again elected as head boy and deputy head boy.

1977                                 Josias Van Der Westhuizen is the first learner to attend Die Burger’s youth leader course.

1978                                Josias Van der Westhuizen is the first learner to achieve an A- aggregate.

Andrea-Lois Meyer and Jean Kemp are the first girls who to be enrolled at the school.

1979                               The school song is written by Mr. JHN Smit and composed by Mr. SJ Neethling.

1980                              The school badge is designed by Mr. JH Falck and the school maxim is suggested by JK Keyter

1985                              The school flag is designed by Mr. T de B Fourie

1989                              The gymnasium is built

1993                              Anton Voigt is the first learner from a technical high school who to achieve a top 20 position Cape Province

2000                             Two new classrooms, now computer classes, four new mathematics classrooms and new tuck shop are built.

2000                             The first Mr. and Miss Hattie competition is held. Leandré Mouton and Graham Snyman were the first winners.

2001                              Tinus Stander is the overall winner of the Cape Technicon Technology Olympiad.

2001                              New pavilion is built.

2002                             Tinus Stander is the fourth best learner in the Western Cape

2003                             HTS Bellville is the overall winner of the Co-ed Athletics

2005                             New dormitory accommodation is built.

2005                             1150 learners and 52 educators

2006                             R35 000 is awarded for being the school with the most learners studying Physical Science in Standard- and Higher Grade in the Western Cape

2006                             We are crowned the winners of National Bridge Building Competition

2008                             We are the Peter Butner Northern Suburbs Cricket Competition winners.

2009                             Winners of Western Province bridge Building Competition, bridge carries 294.5kg

2010                             Roof of pavilion is added to the rest of the structure.

2010                             1163 learners of which 305 are girls and 51 educators, 4 terrain workers, and 4 administrative ladies

2012                             40th birthday of school

2012                             First inter- schools competition against HS Labori is held.

2013                             A new Co-ed athletic group with HS Parow, HS Brackenfell and HS Eben Donges is established.